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We will finish minting at 1234 MINTS, reducing the supply.

Starting at 100, for each 100 MINTS we will be giving away a PS5 as promised

To BUY - Click Connect, Select Quantity and Click BUY

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Welcome to the Club The RAPSCALLIONS - RAPS


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ETHERSCAN: We are OFFICIALLY Registered on Etherscan. You can see our profile on Etherscan.

The Rapscallions have been at war with the axe gang for years now. Though we don’t consider them to be a mighty adversary we can’t let our guard down. You have made the right decision by seeking recruitment from us and as such you will be tested to make sure you are cut out to be a Rapscallion. You will start as an initiate and will have to prove yourself to rise among our ranks.

The Rapscallions have very limited spots for recruitment and will not be accepting more initiates once we have recruited 10,150 members. If you want to survive out there and be respected, make sure you have atleaset 1 of the 10,150 RAPS to be amongst The Rapscallions.

For battle system, each NFT will come with following attributes: 1. Attack, 2. Defense, 3. Agility, 4. Critical, 5. Luck Percentage, 6. Boost, 7. Generation, 8. BIRTHDAY


Want to join the RAPSCALLIONS community? Click the link below and see you in the server!




Collection will be added to rarity tools

Banner Ads at various places


Holders will get gift RAPS

Competitions to Win RAPS and prizes


PS5 Giveaways

Listing on Rarity Sniper


Charity Setup

Holders to vote on provided selections


Expansion of RAPS and Work start on Breeding Incubator

Member Areas and Benefits To be voted and worked on


When does RAPSCALLIONS launch?

29th September, 9:00 pm UTC

How can I buy and how many can I mint?

On launch day, there will be a mint button that will appear to replace the ‘BUY - Coming Soon’ button. Then, you simply click mint, connect your metamask wallet (please use a desktop / laptop when doing so), and then choose qty and click BUY. There is a limit of 10 RAPSCALLIONS you can mint in one transaction.

What will be the price of one RAPS?

Each RAPS will cost 0.06 + gas to mint.

Will there be instant reveal?

Reveal will start happening after 999 are minted or after 3 days. Than reveal will be instant.

What is true breeding system?

RAPS has two gender based NFTs, so for our next gen NFTs, you will need to have one male and a female to breed and get new NFT based on their traits.

What is the battle game that I keep hearing about?

Future battle system to be implemented with another secret project, details to be announced later.

Each NFT will come with following attributes:

  • 1. Attack
  • 2. Defense
  • 3. Agility
  • 4. Critical
  • 5. Luck Percentage
  • 6. Boost
  • 7. Generation
Do I own the IP to the The Rapscallions - RAPS minted or hold?

No, this project is outcome of hard work. Each art is hand created and than overlayed and to continue to make it work , and carry on a storyline the IP rights are held by us, the founding owners of the nfts.

Tribute art of the RAPS you own is yours, you can share it , display it, hug it, kiss it, without any commercial use of it. By purchasing a RAPS you are effectively a part of the RAPS story and timeline.

Can you provide more details on the breeding system?

Yes, first of a kind breeding system within The Rapscallions as we will have gender for each RAPS so holding two opposite sex RAPS can breed later in Breed Incubator. Also in works is request and sell of genetic genes, which can be used in the incubator to breed. So someone can put their NFT to breed for anyone, and they will get rewarded with eth based on what the other user gives

Do you have alotted reserves?

Yes, we have an alotted reserve which can be minted, for giveaways, promotions, events and personal trophies. They will be minted as required, so not all reserves might get minted.

Founders & Team





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